• Home Health Aides and Personal Care Aides

    Compassionate, competent, and backed by Hamaspik HomeCare’s cutting-edge training, Hamaspik HomeCare’s Home Health Aide (HHA) and Personal Care Aide (PCA) paraprofessionals provide the helping hands your loved ones need to stay as healthy and well-cared-for as possible.

    Before beginning employment, our caregivers undergo comprehensive vetting, screening, and training. Our registered nurse in conjunction with the patient and family members, will create a plan of care with daily tasks including personal care needs, activities of daily living, medication reminders, accessibility/mobility assistance and more.

    Our Scheduling Coordinators will work with you to ensure the aide assigned is the best possible fit, to ensure a healthy and happy relationship. Each aide that is placed with a patient is individually supervised by a Registered Nurse, allowing your loved ones to maintain their customary activity levels and lifestyles at home without compromise.

    We provide Home Health Aides in the 5 Boroughs, Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Dutchess counties. With 6 offices throughout NYC and Hudson Valley, we are never too far from home!

  • Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program/Service (CDPAP/CDPAS)

    The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is a wonderful alternative to traditional homecare aide services. Launched in 2001 as the Hamaspik ‘PACE’ program, with PACE being an acronym for Personal Assistance Consumer Empowerment, the goal of the program is to allow and empower consumers to be able to self-direct their personal care services without the help of ‘outsiders’.

    Putting the Consumer or a Designated Representative in control, it empowers you to hire, train, and set the schedule for your personal assistants. Best of all, the personal assistants can be even be family members and live in the same home.

    From pediatric to geriatric, this program is available to Medicaid recipients statewide who need assistance with activities of daily living. Needs met by the program include assistance with feeding, dressing, housecleaning, personal hygiene, basic medical needs, and any other task which with the consumer directs his/her personal assistant to provide.

    Personal assistants help the individual maintain and enjoy their customary level and quality of life while living and recreating at home or in the community. So if you need an aide, why not hire someone you know will treat you like family!

  • Care Planning

    Your Hamaspik HomeCare experience begins with Hamaspik HomeCare’s top-notch clinical team. Hamaspik HomeCare’s professional nurses, therapists, social workers, counselors and other clinicians will painstakingly review your complete medical history, and work with your doctors and other caregivers to create a comprehensive plan of care that is custom-tailored to you.

    Throughout it all, the team will take a personal interest in your health and well-being—treating you with the respect and responsibility you deserve and the results that you want.

  • Nursing Home Transition/Diversion (NHTD)

    The NHTD program serves individuals needing a nursing-home level of care at home so they can smoothly transition back to their private residences—or be diverted from entering nursing homes in the first place.

    Services provided by NHTD include the assignment of a Service Coordinator, who in turn can arrange much-needed Waiver (i.e. non-standard Medicaid) services like Home/Community Supports and Services (HCSS).

    Through HCSS, individuals living at home may be provided with Home Health Aides (HHAs) and Personal Care Aides (PCAs) for personal supervision, oversight and assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). The HCSS program also installs home Environmental Modifications (E-Mods) like disabled-accessible restrooms, showers/baths and entryways, provides Community Transition Services (CTS) to pay for basic home furnishings, household items and new-apartment security deposits, and arranges for Assistive Technology (AT) like commode chairs, voice recorders and other items.

    Through NHTD, individuals can also receive non-Waiver services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, feeding therapy, skilled nursing, medical transportation and more.

  • The Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) program

    Individuals suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) often require unique services to assist them in their activities of daily living (ADL) due to cognitive and/or physical challenges. Because standard Medicaid does not cover these unique services, the TBI Medicaid Waiver program was created to waive the regular Medicaid rules for duly-diagnosed TBI victims—hence its name.

    Individuals on Medicaid who qualify for the TBI Program (a.k.a. “TBI Waiver”) may receive a broad range of ongoing services to help them live safely within their communities with their oft-devastating condition. These services include a Service Coordinator who in turn can arrange much-needed Waiver services like HCSS, E-Mods, AT, CTS as well as non-Waiver services like physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, skilled nursing, medical transportation, recreational transportation to shopping and trips, counseling and other mental-health services, rent and other subsidies, and more

    Traumatic brain injury is a family condition afflicting not just the victim but also his or her spouse, children and other family-member caregivers. Thanks to the TBI program, the victim and his/her family can get the help they need to ensure that they do not fall between the cracks.

  • Physical Therapy

    Physical therapy is the cornerstone of rehabilitation or remedial treatment, and a Hamaspik HomeCare physical therapist (PT) doesn’t just do it, but does it exceedingly well. In the hands of our superb and sympathetic PTs, Hamaspik HomeCare clients acquire or reacquire the gross- and fine-motor skills and muscle tone needed to execute as much physical movement as possible—building not just strength and skill but also the self-esteem and personal independence so critical to a fulfilling life.

  • Home Nursing Visits: Skilled assessments, Interventions and treatments

    As Hamaspik HomeCare’s central pillar, our team of exceptional Registered Nurses (RNs) provides superlative medical care to your loved ones right in the comfort of their homes.

    From expert on-site assessment of medical needs to medication management and from prefills to wound care, feeding-tube therapy and IV therapy, Hamaspik HomeCare’s proficient and gentle licensed RNs provide the reassuring, reliable and thorough medical care your loved ones need at home.